iPhone 6s Case Leather Wallet All-In-One

iPhone 6s Case and Wallet All-In-One

The other day I was out running errands and ran into a man carrying an iPhone 6s Case Leather Wallet. I had never seen anything like it before so I asked him to show me how it worked. He responded by showing me that this simple idea had made his pants a lot looser since we wasn’t carrying his cell phone, his wallet, money clip, credit cards, cash, etc. in all different places and all different pockets. It’s an ALL-IN-ONE set up. It just so happens we liked the idea so much we started selling some of our own on Amazon.

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Here’s what they look like:

  1. iPhone 6/6s Plus Leather Brown wallet carrying case with credit card slots and kickstand.

Kickstand 1 Brown 6+

See Full Product Description and Images HERE

2. iPhone 6/6s Leather Wallet iPhone Case in Black with credit card slots and kickstand.Black open

See Full Amazon Listing HERE.


3. iPhone 6/6s Leather Wallet Case with Kickstand and Credit Card Slots in: Brown

brown kickstand back

See The Whole shebang on Amazon HERE.

4. And last but not least same as above but in Black with Red Trim

iPhone 6/6s Leather Wallet Case with Kickstand and Credit Card Slots

R & B Backside

It’s HERE on Amazon.


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